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Crazy Miss Hyde (Northern Lights x Belladonna)

Crazy Miss Hyde is an excellent hybrid, a blend of two varieties distinguished by their fragrances, sweet and very penetrating nuances. A small plant that produces huge flowers with thick amber buds, filled with clusters of resin. The results in both indoors and outdoors grow are excellent. This variety emanates a unique and embracing aroma at the end of flowering period.  A berry flavour with a slight acid touch and produces a very physical brain effect that could even be dangerous.

Type : 70% Indica/30% Sativa
Flowering Time: 8 wks, if outdrs, End of Sep
Yield:  400-450 gr/m², outdr: up to 900 gr/plant
Height : Medium

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El Alquimista (Northern Lights x AK-47)

El Alquimista (The Alchemist) is the easiest to cultivate. It is of a medium height and gives very good results in a short grow period. El Alquimista comes from the bred of AK47, the shortest flowering-time Sativa, and exceptional and essential Northern Lights that changed the culture in the cannabis world in the last three decades. This variety produces large foxtail-like buds with strong candy fragrance that won’t be unperceived. El Alquimista is resistant to plagues and mould because of it's Afghan features and gives you an extremely pleasant long lasting effect.

Indica/Sativa: 70/30
Flowering Time: 8 weeks, outdrs, end Sept
Yield: 440 gr/m², outdr: up to 700 gr/pp

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Green Love Potion (Black Domina x Lavender)

Green Love Potion blends the most refined genetics of the world. The Indica qualities of Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant and Afghan qualities mix with the best Sativa of Hawaii, Corea and USA. Thanks to this it meets all requirements of both: the fresh and sybarite growers. It gives compact buds, easy to shape and covered with resin that would transform them into a deep purple colour and absolute embracing fragrance that reminds us of mint and lavender. This purple mid-high lady stands out for its black and green leaves, unique taste and formidable productivity.

20% sativa 80% indica THC
Flowering Time:  45-55 dys, if outdoors-Late Oct
Yield: 500-800 gr/m2 indoor/outdoor
Flavour: Sweet fruit
Smell/Effect: Low, Introspective

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Holy Grail 69 (Punky Lion x Haze)

On a whim, one of our breeders set about crossing our own Punky Lion with pure Haze genetics. The result is a slightly taller plant than her progenitors, with very few leaves to trim and a fresh tropical pineapple taste that will amaze even the cannabis world’s most hedonistic experts. Covered in trichomes that produce a resin imparting a unique sense of controlled euphoria, this lady’s best feature is the perfect balance between her Indica and Sativa characteristics. Simply unique!

65% Sativa/35% Indica
Flowering Time: 60-70 days, if outdr: mid Oct
Yield: 450-800 gr/m2
Resistance to mold: very high
THC: 21%

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Jekyll Passion (Black Domina x Original Flo)

Flo is a potent, predominately Sativa plant that matures very early. By adding the excellence of that pedigree Indica strain, the great Black Domina, we ended up with a variety with an exceptionally short flowering cycle yet large, tight foxtail buds and compact, purple calyces. These plants are taller than most and tend to spread, which is why we recommend a really short vegetative cycle indoors (the first buds reach maturity after around seven weeks). Ideal for greenhouses. Massive yields make this a very rewarding strain. Its taste matches Manali hash, pure incense with minty overtones. A very euphoric and pleasant experience!

65% Sativa/35% Indica
Flowering Time: 60-70 days, if outdr: early Oct
Yield: 500-900 gr/m2
Resistance to mold: medium
THC: 18%

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Punky Lion (matanuska Tundra x Chronic)

A cross between a best-selling strain known for its massive yields and a very potent legendary North Alaskan Indica that smells and tastes like chocolate, the resulting hybrid retains the desired properties of its progenitors. A medium-sized plant that produces copious amounts of resin, Punky Lion’s not too bushy, has short internodes and a very thick central tail surrounded by a glacier of crystals. Buds sometimes even sprout from the central part of its leaves. A dark plant, she exudes a very sweet fragrance and tastes a bit citrusy. A perfect blend of great yields and excellent quality!

100% Indica
Flowering Time: 50-55 days, if outdr: late Sep
Yield: 600 gr/m2, if outdr: up to 900 gr/pp
Resistance to mold: very high
THC: 18%

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Shot Adrenaline

This variety has been bred based on an original genotype of White Dwarf x Skunk and later on re-crossed in order to maintain its autoflowering pattern. The plant conserves the best Skunk organoleptic properties, is compact, resinous and has a very intense skunky fragrance with a slight flavour of acid strawberry and pineapple touch.

Mostly Sativa
Flowering Time: 6 weeks from seed
Yield: 55-75 gr per plant
Taste: Citric Fruit, Smell: Medium
Effect: Euphoric
Resistance to mold: Medium
Medicinal value: High
THC: 21%

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Spiritual Punk (Northern Lights x Mazar)

Spiritual Punk has great medical properties and was bred mainly for persons that suffer from hyperactivity syndrome, prolonged stress and insomnia, or simply for those who need to relax and evade everyday problems. Spiritual Punk is a mid-high plant, with extended branches full of compact buds and is of an enormous resin production. It has a huge demand within Californian medical clubs. This early flowering hybrid will certainly astonish you with its blue glitters, productivity and velvet-like citric fragrance that it spreads all around.

Flowering Time: 8wks, if outdrs, Mid Sep
Yield : 450 gr/m², outdr: up to 800 gr/plant

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Sweet Black Angel (Black Domina x Super Silver Haze)

This variety is a result of a cross between the most unusual and awarded plants in the history: the most Indica among the Sativa’s: Super Silver Haze and the pure Indic one: Black Domina.   This middle-high and short flowering time plant has very large branches.  It matures completely within 7 weeks.  It a variety of sweet musk with a slight touch of blackberries flavour.

20% sativa 80% indica
THC: 18%
Flowering Time: 7 weeks,  if outdoor -early Oct
Yield: 500-1000 gr/m2 indoor/outdoor
Flavour: Sweet fruit
Smell: Low

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Ultraviolet (White Dwarf x Skunk x Lavender)

This variety has been bred based on the original White Dwarf x Skunk genetic and than has been crossed with Lavender and re-crossed later on in order to maintain the autoflowering pattern. Almost all most appreciated characteristics of Lavender are maintained untouched in this unique autoflowering variety. A compact and resinous plant of an intense, powerful fragrance, mainly sweet and fruity, that might have some slight exotic citric accent that would remind you of mango and lavender. This variety would grow and bloom very fast within 14 days. Ultraviolet will be ready within nearly 72 days since its germination.  In optimal conditions, expect yields of over 60 gr. per plant, even indoor.

90% sativa 10% indica
Flowering Time: 10 weeks from seed
Yield:  40-70 gr/plant
Smell/Effect:  Medium, Euphoric
THC 21%

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