Please DO NOT ASK, as we are not able to give any advice on germination or growing.

Please be aware that the cultivation of Marijuana is a Criminal Offence in many jurisdictions around the world. All seeds are sold as novelty or collectible items or for exempted medicinal users. No guarantee on germination or amount of females. Importing or exporting marijuana seeds is also illegal in many countries so please check your local laws. You also waive any liability towards GTA Seed Bank or myself if you act outside your laws. Buyer must be of age (19 and over).

Please be reminded that orders can be confiscated in the mail. This is the chance that YOU the CUSTOMER takes, when making an order. We can not be held responsible, for confiscation, damage or loss. In the event of confiscation, damage or loss, we want to be notified, though your complaint is with the post office or your customs. We again stress that our marijuana seeds are sold for novelty purposes only. Check your own laws!