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Cindy 99

This sativa behaves like an indica. It is noted for its remarkably rapid growth and its sweet and fruity taste that comes from its Grapefruit and Pinepple heritage. Inside is can be havested as early as between 50 and 55 days and outside at the end of September to Mid October.

Mostly Sativa
Flowering Time: 50 days
Yield: 550 grms/pp
THC: Very High
Height: 2-3 meters
Effect: Physical and mental

3 seeds for $40

Narkosis (Critical x Somango)

The narkosis, born of the junction of our precious critical, powerful and intense, and the sweetness of which presumed Somango, definitely a very interesting crossroads. Indica variety with fruity flavor, with a slight catch mossy, product of crossing two plants with taste and power, narkosis inherits the properties of its progenitors, its early flowering and fruit smell; intoxicating, euphoric and lasting effect.

Flowering Time: 50-60 days, if outdr: End Sept
Yield:  550 gr/m2
Height: 2-3 metres

6 seeds for $75

Original Clon (Skunk x Afghani)

Original Clon was winner of the Highlife Cup in 2004 in the General and Bio categories. It has a distinctly sativa look with long, thin lime-green leaves but on flowering shows indica traits with fast bud development. It has a fruity aroma and a relatively quick flowering time which has kept this a very popular strain.

Flowering Time: 50-55 days, if outdr: Mid Sept
Yield: 450-500 gr/m2
Height: 2-3 metres

6 seeds for $85

Santa Muerto (Mexicano x Original Haze)

Santa Muerte is the offspring of a Mexican sativa crossed with an Original Haze. This is a typically sativa strain that needs a very short vegetative period and will produce very vigorous plants with large intermodal gaps, excellent for large bud formation. It has a strong cerebral effect.

Flowering Time: 70-75 days, if outdr: Mid Oct
Yield:  500-600 gr/m2
Height: 2-3 metres

6 seeds for $65

Wombat (Original Haze x Critical)

Wombat is a strain that results from the crossing of BlimBurn’s favourite Original Haze with a punchy Critical Mass. Very vigorous growth allows for a very short growth period followed by fairly quick production of large compact buds. It Will not grow too tall but Will produce very good yields for its size. It has a sweet taste with notes of haze. This is a very potent strain with a almost psychoactive effect.

70% Sativa/30% Indica
Flowering Time: 60-65 days, if outdr: Mid Oct
Yield:  600-700 gr/m2
Height: 3-3.5 metres

6 seeds for $65